So you’ve checked out our accommodations and rates and now you’re wondering if there are any offers that provide lower prices. The following special offers are based on either when you book, when you’re staying with us, or special guest considerations.  Please check them out to see if they match your particular needs or situation.  Clicking the Book Now button anywhere on our site will show you only the rates that may be available to you.

Each of of these offers are mutually exclusive and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Summer Evening At The Lodge

Your Mid-Weekend Getaway

Come to the Heart of Evergreen

Everybody’s working for the weekend, but why limit yourselves to just Friday and Saturday nights? We’d like you to expand your concept of the “Weekend Getaway” and come to Evergreen in the middle of the week, when it’s not so busy around here.

We want to reward your ability to think outside the box by offering a special discounted rate (10% off our standard daily rate) for any stay of 3 or more nights that starts and ends sometime between Sunday and Friday morning (weekday holidays excluded).

Kick Your Shoes Off And Stay Awhile

Extended Stay Discount

Everyone says it… the weekend comes, the weekend goes, and it’s just never enough time to really relax and just get away from it all. 

We feel your pain.

To be honest here, we really like to make new friends and a couple days just doesn’t seem long enough, so we’d love you to come spend some extra time in the mountains with us at your lodge away from home! 

Give yourself some extra time to really experience Evergreen, the surrounding mountain communities, the beautiful vistas and and abundant wildlife our area has to offer and we’ll make it worth your while.  We offer a 15% discount for any stay of at least 6 nights during our summer season and 10% for any stay of at least 2 nights during our winter season.

Active Duty Military Discount

Support Our Troops

Active Duty Military Discount

We love our service members and are extremely grateful for everything you do. Come visit beautiful Evergreen, CO and save on the stay for you and your family.

Just give us a call and let us know you’re Active Duty Military when you book your reservation and show your active duty military ID at check-in and we’ll show that gratitude by giving you 10% off our standard daily room rates. 

Call +1 (303) 674-7467 or send an email to for details
First Responders

For Those Who Serve

First Responders Discount

This is for all those that are first on the scene, placing our lives and safety above theirs. Come spend some time with us and enjoy beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.

Just give us a call when you book your reservation and show your active service ID at check-in and we’ll show that gratitude by giving you 10% off our standard daily room rates.

Call +1 (303) 674-7467 or send an email to for details
Chairs set up in front of the pergola

Something’s Happening Here

Book Your Special Event

Life is full of special events. Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or just a bunch or friends getting together for an epic getaway in the mountains we know the important thing is for you all to be together (and yet, somehow, a little apart).

We host small intimate gatherings of up to 30 guests outside in the Pergola on our main lawn area among the evergreens. This is available mid-May through early October for guests that book the full lodge for two nights. There is an additional event fee.

Call +1 (303) 674-7467 or send an email to for details