Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends

Following is a list of our house rules.  These are set up to help ensure your safety and comfort, and the safety and comfort of the rest of our guests. In short, we just want everyone who stays here to have a wonderful time at the lodge and that’s why these rules are here.

While Some of these may seem silly or unnecessary, rest assured that they all have something to do with issues that have arisen in the past


As much as we love our furry friends, only two rentals at this property are pet-friendly (and, by this, we mean dog-friendly), Bountiful Cabin, and Carefree. If you are travelling with dogs, please let us know in advance and we will try to place you in one of our pet-friendly rooms. Any guest found violating this policy will be charged a non-refundable $250 deep cleaning charge. We do charge a $50 extra cleaning fee per dog. Maximum 2 dogs per accommodation.

Dogs must be on a leash while on the property and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.

Any damage to linens, towels or the room by your dog will incur a damage fee equal to the cost of repair/replacement plus the full charge of revenue loss for any reservations which must be cancelled due to violation of the pet policy.

Your Privacy

All personal information is confidential and will not be released to any third parties. We will never sell your email address or any other information you provide us.


All indoor spaces at the Alpen Way Chalet Mountain Lodge are 100% non-smoking. This includes vaping and toking.

There is also no smoking of any kind allowed in the hot tub.

There are planters with sand near each room and by each common area for smoking materials. Due to our dry conditions, please be sure to put out all smoking materials in these planters and not on the grounds.

Any guest found violating the smoking policy in any of our indoor spaces will incur an additional $250 deep cleaning charge plus the full charge of revenue loss for any reservations which must be cancelled due to violation of our smoking policy.


We get it.  Romance and all that, but unattended candles are dangerous and could result in fires or significant damage to the Lodge. Lit candles are not permitted in any of the accommodations.


Turns out we like children too.  We even have a few of our own. Children are welcome at the lodge, but they must be under adult supervision at all times. Please do not let them climb on our rock walls or gardens as these are not secure and can be dangerous.


We take pride in the furnishings and decorations in our rooms and would hate to have to replace or repair them due to damage from one of our guests. Please report any spills or stains to us as soon as possible so linens, towels and our handmade quilts are not permanently damaged.

Guests will be held responsible for any damage and replacement/repair cost will be charged to the credit card on file.


There’s enough free parking at the lodge to easily accommodate one vehicle per room. 

Parking is prioritized for registered guests staying at the lodge. If you require additional parking spaces during your visit please let us know ahead of time so we can ensure there will be adequate space available for all our guests.

Parking is not available at the lodge after you’ve checked out without management approval.

Quiet Hours

We here at the lodge enjoy a good time just like you, however, please keep in mind the comfort of the other guests at the lodge as well as that of our neighbors. Quiet Hours are from 11PM – 8AM, please keep any noise to a minimum.

We do not permit in room parties/gatherings here at the lodge.

Hot Tub

Yep.  We have one. Hours are from 9am – 10pm. For the cover with your back to the parking lot take the right hand side of the cover and flip it over the silver bar onto the left hand side. You can then take the arm on the left hand side and move the cover to the left of the tub. We will demonstrate how to remove the cover upon check-in. If you have any difficulty please just ring the office bell or call the off hours number. Guests will be held responsible for improper removal of the cover that damages the tub, cover or removal mechanism.

Swimsuits are required, absolutely NO street clothes.

Please shower before using the Hot Tub to help us keep the water clean for all our guests.

Do NOT bring any glass, food, or smoking materials into the tub area. There is no eating or drinking in the hot tub except for a plastic bottle of water.

Smoking is permitted by the benches in the hot tub area, not in the hot tub itself.

Fire Pit

We have a gas fire pit available in the common area to our guests from 9:00am – 11:00pm and another private gas fire pit available to our guests in the Enchanted room also available from 9:00am – 11:00pm.

Please do not leave the fire pit lit while unattended.

If you need help starting or turning off the fire pit, please see us in the office or call the off-hours number.

Changing of propane tanks is not permitted by guests.

The Fire pits are not for cooking of any kind. Please use tables, not the fire pit ring for any drinks and/or food and please do not leave any garbage in any outside area (the foxes, raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks are very quick).

Smoking is permitted, please use the planter with sand for this purpose.


Each of our suites (AffinityDaisy and Jubilee) and our Bountiful cabin have their own gas grill. Please let us know if you are planning on using the grill so we can be sure they are cleaned, fueled and ready.

Please be sure to turn off propane when not in use.

The large grill and smoker near the chicken coop is NOT available for quest use.

The Pergola

The pergola is a nice sitting area down by the creek and available to our guests 24/7. Lighting comes on at dusk and remains on until dawn.

Please pick up after yourselves and do not leave any garbage in this area. 

Smoking is permitted, please use the planters with sand for this purpose.

Guest Visitors

No visitors are permitted without prior permission from the lodge owners. Our facilities are not available for wedding groups to get ready unless they are guests of the lodge.

Our common areas (hot tub, fire pit, hammock, pergola, etc.) are for registered guest use only.

No parties or social gatherings that include visitors are permitted unless arranged in advance with the lodge owners. An event fee may apply.

Overnight visitors will be charged an additional fee and are subject to these house rules and maximum occupancy rules for each room.

Parking is prioritized for registered guests.