Enjoy the Fall Season in Evergreen

Many people would argue that September and October are the best months of the year in Colorado. There are many ways to enjoy the fall season in Evergreen. The temperature begins to drop at night, but the days are full of sunshine and bright blue skies. With an average temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit during the autumn months, it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities. Plus, the leaves put on a fantastic show as they change colors and the wildlife is more active leading up to winter.

The Alpen Way Chalet is nestled in the hillside providing the perfect location for watching the changing seasons. Several of the rooms have a fireplace for guests to enjoy as the temperature drops on fall evenings as well as patios for viewing the fall foliage and listening to the elk bugle. Walking distance from downtown Evergreen, guests can visit the local restaurants and shops as well as check out the events in town. 

We’ve put together a list of some ways to enjoy the fall season in Evergreen and the surrounding areas.

Check out the Fall Foliage

Whether you have lived in Colorado your entire life or are visiting for the first time, viewing a forest of aspen trees during the fall months is breathtaking. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops the pigments in the aspen leaves fade from green to bright yellow, orange, and red. The colors stand out against the bright white trunk of the tree and the dark green conifers around them which creates a magnificent patchwork of colors that blanket the mountains. 

“Leaf Peeping” season is typically mid to late September in the Evergreen area but it depends on the weather and level of moisture for the year. Some great viewing options include:

Hiking: Nearby trails such as Alderfer 3 Sisters and Maxwell Falls offer the opportunity to stroll right through groves of aspen trees. The view looking up at the trees is mesmerizing and the falling leaves are picture-perfect as well.

Driving: Nearly every road in the area will be dotted with bright fall colors. But some particularly great drives that offer awe-inspiring views include the Mt. Blue Sky Scenic Byway and the Lariat Loop.

Right in town: Once you have arrived in Evergreen, you don’t have to go anywhere to catch the fall foliage. Beautiful leaves can be seen sitting on the patio at the Alpen Way Chalet or enjoying a meal at a local Evergreen restaurant.

Listen to the Elk Bugle

Known as rutting season, in September and October the male bull elk make a bugling sound to attract females and they battle other bulls using their large antlers. An elk bugle is a haunting sound that echoes through the mountains, and when two bulls lock antlers the crashing sound is unmistakable. Colorado is home to some of the largest elk herds in the world and Evergreen residents share their yards (and even the roads!) with them. Impressive bulls and entire herds of elk are known for visiting the Alpen Way Chalet property and stopping traffic in and out of downtown. Check out a previous post to see photos of the close encounters frequently spotted on the lawn.  

As with all wildlife, the elk should be respected and visitors should keep their distance. Rutting bulls can be aggressive and unpredictable so always be aware of your surroundings. 

Pick fresh produce and find the perfect pumpkin

Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy fresh produce for the season. Visiting a Farmers Market is a great way to try seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as browse locally produced products ranging from honey and jam to soap and artwork. There are a few options in Evergreen and as the weather turns colder there are markets closer to Denver that stay open late in the season. 

In addition to fresh produce, nothing represents fall quite like pumpkins. Picking the perfect pumpkin for jack-o-lanterns, decoration, or baking is a fun event for all ages. JP Total Farmers Market is just down the street from the Alpen Way Chalet and they have a great selection of pumpkins in the fall. Plus, local churches and schools host pumpkin festivals. The farms at lower elevations near Denver have massive pumpkin patches where visitors can enjoy browsing the farm as well as activities like hayrides and corn mazes. 

Attend a local event

The Evergreen events calendar is never lacking in activities for every season of the year. During the fall you can explore the various foods offered by local restaurants and vendors at the Taste of Evergreen event. This is a great opportunity to sample different cuisines in a beautiful mountain setting. 

Leading up to Halloween there is an annual Zombie Run which raises funds for Evergreen Animal Protective League as well as pumpkin decorating contests and festivals at local churches and schools. The festivities culminate on October 31st with the Halloween Walk through downtown Evergreen. In the late afternoon, stores open their doors for trick-or-treating and parents enjoy watching the children dressed up as superheroes, skeletons, witches, and more as they walk down the street.

Join us in our beautiful mountain town as the leaves change and the fall season begins. We look forward to hearing about the activities you liked the most and hope you will share new adventures with us.

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