Beautiful scenery and small-town charm are some of the many reasons visitors come to Evergreen, Colorado. Our mountain community just west of Denver is a great place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. The downtown area includes the intersection of Hwy 73 and Hwy 74 and a fantastic lake trail for pedestrians. Locals and visitors alike drive through this area to access restaurants, shops, schools, and public spaces. And it’s time for a long-awaited upgrade to the area!

There are two major projects in the area – the Evergreen Lake North Trail project and the Hwy 73 Roadway Improvement project. A summary of each one is below and for the latest information check out the Evergreen Parks and Recreation website as well as the Jefferson County Public Improvements Blog.

Construction has already begun and we are excited for the improvements. Of course, like all projects, this will take some time and patience as there will be detours and occasional delays. However, the community is working hard to keep the impact to a minimum and to ensure the end result is outstanding!

Evergreen North Trail Project

This will be an updated trail on the north shoreline of Evergreen Lake that includes a wider path and improved fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. The project started in May 2023 and is expected to be finished by October 2023 but the plans have been years in the making. The trail was shut down in 2016 due to unsafe drainage and stability issues and a temporary fix was put in place. The new project offers a long-term solution that prioritizes safety, accessibility, and connectivity. 

The Evergreen Lake trail is a popular loop that allows pedestrians to access downtown restaurants and shops and enjoy the scenery. You can still visit the lake, the dam, and downtown by taking a simple detour and using the trail on the south side. There is minimal impact on traffic as eastbound vehicles continue the normal route and westbound traffic takes a minor detour through Meadow Drive. The alternate routes keep traffic flowing and are clearly marked. Downtown is still open and visitors are encouraged to visit Main Street businesses.

Highway 73 Roadway Improvement Project

This is a long-awaited update that will improve traffic flow as well as pedestrian access between Buffalo Park Road and Plettner Lane. This stretch of highway follows Cub Creek and includes a historic rock wall that makes the project extra challenging, but worth the wait. 

Benefits of the project include:

  • Improved Safety

Drainage and flood control will be updated and bridges will be replaced.

  • Enhanced Access for Bikes and Pedestrians

A designated bike lane and a concrete trail for pedestrians will be added making it easier to get downtown and enjoy the lake.

  • Better Traffic Flow

Center turn lanes and improvements to the Buffalo Park intersection will reduce congestion.

The construction begins in Fall 2023 after the Evergreen North Trail project is complete and is expected to finish in 2025. It will take place in phases and extra care is being taken to try and reduce the impact on traffic and local business. 

The Alpen Way Chalet is open!

We are excited about the improvements these projects bring to Evergreen! Our lodge will benefit greatly from even better access to main street restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as Evergreen Lake. 

Guests can still enjoy our unique rooms, relax in the hot tub, and view wildlife – even during construction. Cub Creek runs right through the lodge property creating a peaceful environment that separates guest rooms from the roadway updates taking place. 

We will do our best to ensure guests have up-to-date information on the construction and we appreciate your patience as these great improvements are taking place.

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