This time of year the days are warm and sunny, but once the sun goes down there is a chill in the air. Mornings are crisp and cool so a light jacket is needed when we take Chica for her morning walk. We can see the leaves changing along the creek. Chipmunks and squirrels are scurrying to collect pine cones for their winter store. The elk have started their rut.

There is nothing quite like the bugle call of a large bull elk. They are so majestic and when they let out their bugle it is chilling. We have them as frequent visitors this time of year. Some days it is just one lone bull sniffing the air and bugling to find the herd. Other days the whole herd comes in for a 4 hour nap on our lawns. When they come and stay for hours we don’t get much work done around the lodge. Our guests love getting to see them up close, but not too close.

It’s hard to imagine that winter is on it’s way. We will enjoy these beautiful Autumn days and watching all of our wildlife getting ready. We will especially enjoy the visits from the elk and the wonderful bugling.