Labor Day Weekend was fairly typical with hot sunny weather. It was hard to believe, but this year we had to get ready for snow. Yup that’s right, we spent Labor Day Weekend doing our normal winter prep. We got out the snow shovels, checked the snow plow and turned on the fireplaces in the rooms. The chickens were secured for the coming snow storm. We even tried to secure our tower garden by moving it closer to the building and covering it with a tarp.

Labor Day itself was hot and sunny. We decided to quit early and enjoy what may be the last day of summer. We watched the elk as we sat on our side deck. The big guy, we call the monster, came by with a few of his ladies. The ladies had a refreshing drink from our pond, but he seemed to just want to find a cool spot in the shade to spend the afternoon.

The day after Labor Day we woke up to snow and chilling temperatures. The tower garden was most likely not going to make it. Luckily due to the past weeks of hot weather there was no accumulation on the walkways and parking lot. The trees and grass looked pretty with their white snowy covering. We even had a visit from one of the smaller bulls who was traveling solo.

Thankfully that snowy, cold blast didn’t last long and now we are prepped for winter and can enjoy the nice warm days ahead!