We haven’t spent time with our daughter Emily and her boyfriend Corey since mid-March. They wanted to keep us safe as they had a much higher exposure potential to COVID-19 and as they said “we are getting older”. It may seem strange to social distance from your own children, but better safe than sorry.

With the beautiful weather we were having we decided to do lunch social distancing style. Emily and Corey arrived with Chica’s best friend Moose and the dogs were excited to see each other after so long a break. We sat outdoors in our open air pergola by the creek separated by six feet. The dogs broke all social distancing rules, chasing each other and roughhousing.

We ordered lunch from Cactus Jack’s which was delicious as usual and along with some cocktails we enjoyed the afternoon talking and watching the dogs chase each other around the yard. It was such an enjoyable day we started planning when we could do it again and include our other Colorado kids.