We recently had a zoom meeting set up by the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, a virtual business mixer. We used to do these at once a month meetings in person, at a different member business each time, but now we sit in our homes or offices and hold a video conference using Zoom. Times are different during the Coronavirus pandemic, but these meetings help to remind everyone that we may be apart,, but we’re still a part of the Evergreen community.

During the meeting everyone was asked to talk about something positive that has come about during these trying times. Our contribution to the conversation revolved around the time we had to get out and enjoy the beautiful parks that surround our home here in Evergreen

Last week, on Tuesday, April 28, we decided to give O’Fallon Park a try. We’ve driven past the park many many times, but have never hiked there. We took a look at the trails map and initially decided to take the Western Ridge Trail to the Meadow View trail and then back via the Bear Creek Trail. So, we set off.

The trails, as usual around here, were well maintained, and easy to follow, although the hike was fairly steep at the start. Chica, of course, had to smell avery bush and stone along the way and really wanted to stick her nose into every hole she could find. When we got to the point where the Western Ridge and Meadow View trails diverged, we took a look at the Western Ridge trail, as it continued on upwards, and decided to continue on. So happy to have made that decision! Let’s just say, the views from the top of the ridge are spectacular and should not be missed.

O’Fallon Park is definitely on our list for a return trip. We want to see the Meadow View Trail, but the views at the top of the western ridge will be tough to skip.