Dedisse Park During COVID-19 Social Distancing

We found ourselves at home (where else would we be during the Coronavirus shutdown) on a beautiful Colorado spring day. We’ve been so busy lately moving snow, trying to get our spring cleanup done, and navigating the COVID-19 financial recovery options that we decided to take the day off.

We were re-watching the Broncos\Falcons Superbowl XXXIII game (Woooo! Go Broncos!) and decided it would be a good time to take a nice long hike. We’ve been doing this fairly often these days and trying to keep away from the busier parks, so we took off with Chica and headed to Dedisse Park.

What a perfect day for stretching the old legs in the clean crisp air of the Colorado Front Range. The Park wasn’t too busy and everyone we met on the trail was practicing proper social distancing, dogs were leashed, and masks were worn. What a weird time, eh?

Just an FYI (before we get yelled at for putting a mask on the pooch) the mask was just for the photo and was promptly removed by @chicathelodgedog immediately after this shot was taken.